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Thursday, June 28, 2018

Grant Permission of the user

For troubleshoot if "Unable to connect to mysql" (The main problem : Permission Grant of the user)

1. Check status of databases using command : service mysql-server status

If not running,

a) Check file etc/rc.conf
b) check your line mysql_enable="YES"
c) service mysql-server start -- to check status again

If running, proceed with the permission

a) mysql -u root -p
b) mysql> show databases;
c) mysql> grant all privileges on namadb.* to 'namadb_admin'@'localhost' identified by 'password';
d) mysql> flush privileges;

Fedora Version :

To check the database username and password :

Putty > Login to local host of the application (Ex: 172.17.2*0.**) *local host for 172.17.2*0.**

1. Check the platform used by the server either apache2 or Nginx
2. Find the script of the application on the server. (Ex: colo-vsp-h****2.php) using command : locate colo-vsp-h****2.php
3. Uses command : nano colo-vsp-colo-vsp-h****2.php to know the dbuser and dbpassword.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Cover Letter For Applying A Job

Mr. Ruzairie Bin Ab Rashid,
 Kampung Kubang Edang,
16400 Melor,
Kota Bharu, Kelantan.

Menara IGB,
Lingkaran Syed Putra,
 Mid Valley City,
 Kuala Lumpur.

23 October 2015

Dear Mr. Eng Kuat Teng,

I am really interested about the advertisement about the vacancy as a Software Developer in your company. I found the advertisement which is you have advertised in the website

You can take a look my bio data in my resume. Clearly, I have a degree in Computer Science and I am able to conquer all the apps such as Dreamweaver and Adobe Photoshop which is might be used to create a great application and complete web solutions when I worked in your company.

The strengthen that I have in my inner self such as have the higher confident level and I am always be committed in my work. I believe that I can give a good cooperation to my fellow friends when I worked in your company plus it can contribute a good result for the activity that I do in future. In addition, I have the strong in leadership skills and I am independent person for any constraints.

I would be delighted if I am qualified for the interview session and I can be contacted on 013-9008060 or get me through email at at any time.

I am waiting for your feedback and looking forward about this vacancy.


Ruzairie Bin Ab Rashid

Video Resume

Hye guys, Here, I am sharing my resume video. This is my assignment for 206CDE, Real World Project. Actually, this subject can release my stress cause all the works give me some relief from being stressed with the other matters. I am glad because my lecturer Miss Noraini is so kind and she always give the support for her students to do the work in proper way and give the advised in order to finish all the tasks given. So, have fun with this video guys, :)

The differences between "Job and Career" And The differences between "Resume and Curriculum Vitae".

1.0 The differences between job and career.
ü    A work is a regular activity that the person can earn money and to exchange with the payment.

ü    A work that we do to earn some money in our life and we do not really interested in. It might be bored in a few years and it does not interest you at all.

ü    A typical job to archive your goal and avoid from being irritated by your boss. You have to do your work and make sure it done on the time as asked from your boss.

ü    A job needs the education for the requirement.

ü    Job is a safer and the risk is not too much because it has the stability and the income itself.

ü    A job might be have a negative impact when some practices are continued to protect the name of the jobs.
ü    A career that contained your goals and long life ambition.

ü    A work of a series connected employment which can build up our skills and move to the higher grades that you are and get the higher payment and the higher prestige of the employment. What you have done today is the starter to get more in the future.

ü    A work that you not only focus on your goal and get the task done but you work for it with full heartedly to gain your experience, build some connections and sell yourself in promotion or to get raises. Or satisfy yourself.

ü    Mostly special learning that need to develop the abilities beyond than training.

ü    A career is not to stable because of the income is not too fix and the risk taker is needed for a career.

ü    A career might have a high value towards the social change or progress.

2.0 The differences between Resume and Curriculum Vitae.

Curriculum Vitae
   ü  A synopsis of the most relevant professional experiences that we have to apply the some particular job.

   ü  In one or two pages only.

  ü  Use to apply for a job in business industry, governmental and non-profit job.

  ü  Do not include the references. 
  ü  A summary of the educational and academic background, experiences, research, publication, awards, honours and affiliations.

ü  There is no limit of pages.

  ü  Use for graduate school and academic positions that including internship, faculty opening and fellowship applications.

  ü  Include and attach togaether with the references.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

1.0 List of the advertisement for job vacancy.

Job Vacancy

ü Project Analyst (REF : YG)

ü Agensi Pekerjaan JAC Sdn Bhd (Recruitment Firm)

ü                   Min 1 Year (Junior Executive)
ü                   Preferably Junior Executives specializing in IT / Computer- Network / System / Database Admin or equivalent

ü Tampoi / Skudai – Johor - Malaysia

ü Involve in handling software implementation, providing the post-implementation support service to client.

ü Project management, conduct user requirement study, trouble shooting, and conduct user training courses and training material preparation.

ü On site customers services and participate in system enhancement.

ü Must possess at least a Diploma, Advanced / Higher / Graduate Diploma. Professional Degree / information Technology or equivalent.
ü At least 1 year (s) of working experience in the related field is required for this position.
ü 2- Fulltime positions available.

Advertise date

ü 12 October 2015
Close date

ü 11 November 2015

Job Vacancy

ü Software Developer

ü Oopen Creative

ü                   Fresh Graduate and fulfil the requirement are welcome.

ü Menara IGB, Lingkaran Syed Putra Mid Valley City Kuala Lumpur Faderal Territory of Kuala Lumpur Malaysia.

ü Provide effective, affordable and complete web solutions based on understanding of customer’s business requirement.
ü Create value for our customers by leveraging web technologies to design, build and deliver state of art products and services.

ü Must possess at least a professional Certificate, Bachelor’s Degree, post graduated Diploma, Professional Degree, Computer Science / information Technology or equivalent.
ü Willing to work in Menara IGB, Mid Valley City
ü Independent, Strong Leadership skill for potential career development.
Advertise date

ü 13 October 2015
Close date

ü 12November 2015

Job Vacancy

ü IT Process Consultant (Product Information Management)

ü Hilti Asia It Services Sdn. Bhd.

ü                   Experience working with Stibo STEP system is added advantage.
ü                   Fluent in other languages are plus.

ü Symphony House, jalan PJU 1a/46,
Lembah Subang, 47301 Petaling Jaya,
Selangor, Malaysia.

ü                   Specialist for Product Information Management and Global Publishing activities at Hilti worldwide.
ü                   Continuously improve product Data and Publishing processes to achieve business success by enabling digitalization and value creation.
ü Solution architect, Custom development, process optimization, in particular creating value through effective use of technology and ensure successful delivery of IT projects.

ü University Degree or Master in IT, Engineering or Science with good academic records.
ü 3 years strong hands- on and implementation experience, work along with a highly technical team and be involved in design, planning and implementing end to end solutions.
ü Expertise in Java, XML, SQL, JavaScript, some content Management system experience is added advantage.
ü Ability for interdisciplinary teamwork with excellent communication skills and passion for information technology.
ü Fluent in English.
Advertise date

12 October 2015
Close date

11 November 2015

Job Vacancy

ü IT Executive

ü Gano Excel Industries Sdn. Bhd.

ü                   Preferably Junior Executive specializing in IT/ Computer- Network/ system Database Admin or equivalent.
ü                   Fresh graduate are encouraged to apply.

ü Utara – Selatan Hwy, Jitra, Kedah, Malaysia.


ü Must be literate in Windows OS , inus, Fedora, Ubuntu
ü Knowledge in troubleshooting software, hardware, LAN AND WAN. To provide troubleshooting, technical and maintenance support services.
ü To provide applications Multi-Level-Market (MLM) system user support and training.
ü To prepare and maintained proper documentations.
ü Able to work independently to meet deadlines.
ü Assist in coordination and implementation of IT project, new system and website development for head office and all branches.

ü Must possess at least a Diploma, Advanced / Higher / Graduate Diploma. Bachelor’s Degree, Post Graduate Diploma, Professional Degree in Computer Science / information Technology or equivalent.
ü Skill Required : END-USER SUPPORT
ü Language Required: English, , Bahassa Malaysia, Chinese.
ü Must willing to work in Jitra.
ü Full-time positions availabe.
Advertise date

12 October 2015
Close date

11 November 2015

Job Vacancy

ü Software Engineer – Cobol, Smart/400

ü Great Eastern Life Assurance (Malaysia) Berhad

ü                   Preferably 1-2 years experience in applications development.
ü                   Experience in building insurance System will be advantages.
ü                   Fresh graduate are encouraged to apply.

ü Menara Great Eastern, 303, Jalan Ampang, 50450 Kuala Lumpur.

ü Will participate as part of the dynamic team in enterprise application development life cycle.
ü Develop, enhance and maintain the global in-house software, code development and system customization.
ü Provide technical support and provide training in the implementation of the applications as well as develop and up keep application documentations.


ü Degree, Post Graduate Diploma or Professional degree in Computer Science / Information Technology or equivalent.
ü Programming skills in either of the following: cobol, smart/400 (Training will be provide.)
ü Experience wok in application development.
Advertise date

12 October 2015
Close date

11 November 2015