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Friday, November 20, 2015

The differences between "Job and Career" And The differences between "Resume and Curriculum Vitae".

1.0 The differences between job and career.
ü    A work is a regular activity that the person can earn money and to exchange with the payment.

ü    A work that we do to earn some money in our life and we do not really interested in. It might be bored in a few years and it does not interest you at all.

ü    A typical job to archive your goal and avoid from being irritated by your boss. You have to do your work and make sure it done on the time as asked from your boss.

ü    A job needs the education for the requirement.

ü    Job is a safer and the risk is not too much because it has the stability and the income itself.

ü    A job might be have a negative impact when some practices are continued to protect the name of the jobs.
ü    A career that contained your goals and long life ambition.

ü    A work of a series connected employment which can build up our skills and move to the higher grades that you are and get the higher payment and the higher prestige of the employment. What you have done today is the starter to get more in the future.

ü    A work that you not only focus on your goal and get the task done but you work for it with full heartedly to gain your experience, build some connections and sell yourself in promotion or to get raises. Or satisfy yourself.

ü    Mostly special learning that need to develop the abilities beyond than training.

ü    A career is not to stable because of the income is not too fix and the risk taker is needed for a career.

ü    A career might have a high value towards the social change or progress.

2.0 The differences between Resume and Curriculum Vitae.

Curriculum Vitae
   ü  A synopsis of the most relevant professional experiences that we have to apply the some particular job.

   ü  In one or two pages only.

  ü  Use to apply for a job in business industry, governmental and non-profit job.

  ü  Do not include the references. 
  ü  A summary of the educational and academic background, experiences, research, publication, awards, honours and affiliations.

ü  There is no limit of pages.

  ü  Use for graduate school and academic positions that including internship, faculty opening and fellowship applications.

  ü  Include and attach togaether with the references.

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